Olskins was born to celebrate non–conformity and limitless gender expression.”

Olskins is an underwear brand based in Barcelona. Born to celebrate non-conformity and limitless gender expression. All aims to walk away from gender cliché and to validate the role of fashion in the context of the deconstruction of gender stereotypes.

Our purpose is to launch the first skinwear collection made for ALL bodies and ALL genders. Our collection challenges gender norms adapting its patterns to embrace ALL diverse identities. Because we don’t care about what you wear but who you are, and that’s what everyone should care about.

Low-angle picture with sky in the background and girl wearing All Skinwear sweater.

“Equality, inclusivity and self-assurance are our maxims, and that’s what we want to express with our designs.”

We don’t sell products, we sell values, we sell the experience of belonging to a community that shares your ideals. Our first skinwear collection is our way of making our values tangible and letting you know who we are. We want our Community to lead the change to an inclusive society.

In the process of making a skinwear collection made for everyone we felt like we also had to develop a streetwear collection which could not just back our idea but also to help us create a real Community where everyone could fit in.

If you share these values with us, you are part of ALL and we hope you’ll find in our collection the roar you're looking for.

“We believe in people and we don’t believe in divisions. It seems that everything must be made for what society considers female or male. We want a unite society with no body classification. We are mind changers and people supporters regardless their sex and gender. We are going to teach people that gender classification can be fluid.”

lower-body of a woman wearing cicling shorts

“Fashion is still not working enough through collections that can fit all kind of bodies and the undergarment sector is also far from it. There are lots of period underwear brands, brands focused to fit all body sizes… but there are no brands truly working on clothes made for everyone, regardless the gender and specially inclusive with the transgender and transexual collective.”


Production-wise, we aim to have a hundred percent collection utterly and ethically made in Spain. Design, production and raw materials are located and made in Spain, supporting this way our local textile industry and advocating for its long textile industry historical background. Working with local suppliers enable us to work efficiently and faster while reducing our carbon footprint - so it’s a win-win.

All our patterns are designed in Barcelona in small collections not just to make our pieces unique but also to help not produce more than the market can absorb, thus our little help to the environment. Moreover, all our patterns are thoughtfully designed with a purpose and putting comfort and details first and foremost.

Paper patterns hanging up from wall
fabric roll on factory  old cutting-table

“All raw materials we purchase are Oeko-Tex certified and produced in Spain, which allows us to reduce production and restocking times.”

Our workshops are known for their experience in pattern making, cutting and tailoring elaborated pieces. Each style is previously analysed and then sent to the manufacturer with best expertise to succeed performing the selected item.

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